Dumbbells & KettleBells

Body Solid Vinyl Dumbbell Set (1lb-10lb set, 1-15lb set)
FEATURES Dumbbells don't have to be ugly, dirty and left to roll around your basement floor. In fact, Body Solid...
Hexagonal Dumbbell Sets (5-50lb set, 55-75lb set, 80-100lb set)
FEATURES Hex Dumbbell Set Ready to take your body to the ultimate level of muscularity? Nothing will do it faster,...
Round Rubber Dumbbell Sets(5lb-50lb,55lb-75lb,80lb-100lb)
FEATURES Body-Solid’s new rubber round dumbbells (SDP) are an ideal fit for any residential or commercial application. The solid steel...
Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbell Set
FEATURES Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbells Feature durability that simply can't be matched. It resists cracking and fading while protecting floors...
Vinyl Dumbbell Rack
$319.00 $475.00 (-32%)
This rack is for storing your vinyl dumbbell weights.
Vinyl Dumbbell Rack Set
$319.00 $475.00 (-32%)
FEATURES Designed for easy storage of your Body Solid vinyl dumbbells. Vertical storage allows over 100 vinyl dumbbells , from...
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